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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve known you for a couple of years as a one who is resilient, focused and poised for whatever task(s) is/are assigned you. This is really an interesting piece and I hope your pursuit for greatness (despite every challenge you face) pays off! Great works done so far. Truly amazing! Keep soaring higher. I’m so proud of you Ishmael Konney Laryea. Godspeed!

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  2. The gracefulness of your dances are intriguing. For instance, I like how your body sort of morph with the fabric and yet at the same time, diverge to form different arts. It’s like you are borrowing from each other and moving at the same tune. Dance on, dance on.

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  3. These are very beautiful, Ishmael! I must admit I’ve always enjoyed seeing you dance. You invoke the art from deep within which no doubt indicates you’re a natural!

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  4. You truly are inspiring! I am amazed by all that you have accomplished so far! It’s refreshing to see the joy and passion you show naturally when you dance. You definitely have proved how determined and focused you are not only as a student but in your goals as well! I have full faith in you and I’m excited to watch you create more exciting work! Plus thrive in your calling! Keep it up!


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